Air Purification Systems in Columbus, OH

Fill your home with clean air and breathe easier at night with our efficient and affordable air purification systems. The air you breathe inside of your home could be influencing your health if you suffer from severe allergies. Every season of the year in Central Ohio brings with it a new set of contaminants and allergens, and your standard comfort system is not designed to filter out these threats to your health. Instead of viewing the coming thaw of spring with dread and despair, start a conversation about air filtration and purification with a contractor that understands the importance of these systems better than most.

After more than 20 years in this business, we are on the cutting edge of innovation when it comes to installing and maintaining purification systems. Our group sells and installs systems that we know are effective and efficient for modern houses and historic homes. Even a fully-functioning comfort system may leave your air full of dust and other foul odors. You need an air purification solution that works in conjunction with your existing heating and cooling system. Tell us more about your existing comfort system, and let us identify a purification process that addresses the specific air purity challenges you face in your home.


Invest in your family’s health and their future happiness by establishing a partnership with and HVAC services that you can count on. When you consider the money spent on allergy treatments and the lost opportunities that come from sick days, this type of investment is a smart move for everyone involved. 

Air Filter Systems with an Advantage

Enhance the value and appeal of your home and improve the overall health of everyone living there by making an investment in a new filtration option for your comfort system. This integrated alternative to the standard portable unit provides you with a broad array of options and advantages. Our experience installing and maintaining HVAC systems for homeowners gives us an edge.


The standard filter that your heating and cooling system is equipped with is designed to protect the air handler and coils from dirt and other debris. This feature does little to remove the allergens and other threats to your health that hang in the air you breathe. Our home air purification systems have a range of advantages, including:

  • Preventing Indoor Air Problems
  • Control Pollutants
  • Regulate Humidity
  • Accurately Monitor Levels
  • Energy-Efficient Compared to Individual Room Units
  • No Release of Lung Irritants like Ozone
  • Increases Air Flow for Less Sitting Air
  • Remove Strong Odors Caused by Pollutants or Mold

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Invest in Home Air Purification

Many people buy home air purification systems but these small portable systems do not get the job done. The portable systems can actually release ozone into your room while allegedly purifying the air. Home air purification that is connected to your heating and conditioning system will remove the mold, bacteria, and pet dander that are getting breathed in by you and your family on a regular basis. After an installation, homeowners tend to see an improvement in respiratory problems almost immediately. Your new purification system should never actively work against your heating and cooling system. This could lead to unnecessary failures and increased energy costs. That is one of the advantages of hiring a company that specializes in air purification and HVAC maintenance. We work with many of the leading brands in the HVAC market, so we can quickly have your new purification system working efficiently. Unlike many portable units, which are likely to release ozone while purifying the air, our systems remove the mold, bacteria, and pet dander from the air as it moves through your HVAC system.

Advanced UV Germicidal Lights  

An exciting new advancement in HVAC technology involves using UV lighting to kill the bacteria and other germs that thrive in your ducts. This improvement to the air actually keeps the water you drink cleaner as well. Once germicidal lighting has been installed, the bacteria in your air will be unable to reproduce. This reduction in microorganisms is sure to make your family healthier and your home a more inviting place to live. 

Respiratory problems caused by dirt, dust, and dander can make life miserable for adults and children alike. When you consider the costs involved with treating respiratory issues like asthma, and the improved quality of life you will experience, our filtration and purification products are a wise investment indeed. Say goodbye to the mold and other particulates that cause you so much irritation and call our team for a new filtration system you can depend on.


Contact us today  us today for air purification systems that eliminate the dust and bacteria from the air your family breathes. We proudly serve customers in Columbus, Delaware, Dublin, Westerville, and Worthington, Ohio, and surrounding communities.